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My son has taken (all online) camps and classes with Joe for the past several months. He is seriously excited about every class, has made great friends, and has learned SO much. My husband, who plays chess well, has been absolutely floored by the rapid and remarkable changes in my son's chess game. However, more importantly to me, my son is having so much fun (which is a feat over Zoom!). Joe has engaged the kids in more variations of chess than I ever knew existed, has developed their strategic skills, has fostered excitement really creatively over zoom, and makes sure to cultivate a warm, friendly, collaborative, and kind environment. He is super experienced and matches kids based on skill level as well as personality - and has simply truly impressed me. I’m grateful to have found this school!

Donna Z.

"Joe is a wonderful coach and mentor for our two chess players (ages 8 and 9). His enthusiasm for chess is contagious, and our kids are gaining a real passion for the game. In addition to becoming better chess players, our kids have improved their critical thinking skills, honed their ability to persevere in a tough match, and made new friends. We’ve even learned plenty of new tricks ourselves!"

Taric and Alicia K.

"My very bright son's Asperger's syndrome makes him a challenge for any teacher or tutor, but Joe Martin from Common Sense Chess has forged a wonderful connection with him. Joe has enormous patience with Perry's hyper-focus and his boundless energy, and the two of them converse non-stop during their one-hour sessions. In one sentence, "Joe GETS Perry." Perry looks forward to chess every week. Joe's flexibility and personability make him a pleasure to work with for the grownups in the family too."

Valerie W.

"Joe is a chess coach for my sons (ages 12 and 9) and has had a positive impact on their lives. In addition to helping them master chess, he encourages them to take risks essential to personal growth, such as by participating in chess tournaments where both have won first place trophies despite initial fears. Joe is a patient teacher with a great sense of humor, but he maintains high expectations. Common Sense Chess is a great way to learn chess but also a great way to build confidence and prepare for future success."

Jeff G.

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